The end of an era!

22 years.
100,000 + shipments
10,000 + customers
50 states
15 countries
…1 tired owner

As of today, June 1st, 2017, PSSS is ceasing all business operations.

For 22 years I have experienced the daily grind that comes with owning a purebred boar stud.  For many years I enjoyed that grind and pushed to grow PSSS into one of the leading genetic companies in the United States…but that grind slowly, eventually caught up with me, especially as my children and other interests entered my life.

I recently attended a funeral for an outstanding young man that was taken way too soon.  The priest’s eulogy message was on living life and enjoying your short time on this earth.  After hearing this message, and encountering several negative customer interactions in the past month or so, my mind was busy the rest of that day.  I came to the conclusion that evening that I no longer had the energy or desire to continue the legacy of PSSS.

So what is next for PSSS?  Hopefully a new owner with more energy and financial backing than I can offer will step forward.  If anyone is interested in buying a nationally established boar stud, contact me and we can talk.  If I do not sell it shortly, it will go to auction in some capacity in late June.  I wanted to make this announcement prior to the World Pork Expo and other national shows where the timing of buying boars is pretty critical for this part of the world….I might stay on in a consultant capacity for a bit, as well as rent the facilities here if we could come to an agreement.

So what is next for Jon Fisher?  I have no idea and that is both exciting and a little frightening at the same time.  I’ve never had a job.  I’ve never had a resume.  I’ve got a lot of interests that I would like to pursue…I will just have to wait and see what doors open for me.  I pray that I find something that fulfills me and makes me look forward to going to work every morning!

I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to thank all of my loyal customers.  I have MANY dear friends that I will miss interacting with.  I would also be remiss to not thank all of the staff members that have worked for me over the past 22 years.  I’ve had a wide range of colorful personalities work for me who made things interesting to say the least.

I hope that those of you in the industry will remember me as someone who did things the right way, who treated customers fairly, and provided value at reasonable prices.  I’m not leaving the industry independently wealthy as others have, but I leave with the ability to sleep at night and hold my head high!

I am 100% at peace with this decision to move forward with my life…

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart!!!


Jon Fisher
Jeremiah 29:11