Prairie State Semen, Inc.
968 County Road 1000N
Champaign, Illinois 61821
(800) 282-0428
Q: When are your collection days?
A: Regular collection days at Prairie State are on Monday and Thursday. Collection schedule is subject to change around major holidays (when UPS isn't delivering.)
Q: How is the semen delivered?
A: All seen shipped out of Prairie State is shipped by means of UPS. It is always shipped Next Day Air unless otherwise requested. Prairie State will not replace any semen that is late or damaged due to being shipped "UPS Ground."
Q: How should I store the semen?
A: The semen bottles should be stored flat on their sides. The "target temperature" that will maximize semen longevity is approximately 64 degrees. Never refrigerate bottles or put solid icepack into your coolers!!! We recommend that you gently rotate your semen bottles 2-3 times a day. This allows the sperm to find fresh extender.
Q: What is P.G. 600 and what does it do?
A: P.G. 600 is an excellent product to help induce estrus in your females. We recommend using P.G. 600 to induce estrus in non-cycling gilts, to ensure "heat" on sows 6 days post weaning, to manage gilt pools undergoing hot weather stress, to make breeding after early weaning more reliable, and to allow grouping of sows and gilts for more efficient mating
Q: What extender do you use?
A: All semen at Prairie State is extended with Androhep Enduraguard. This extender puts the "semen to sleep" allowing an extended life-span. Although it is slightly harder to evaluate than other extenders, it's added benefits outweigh the time needed to properly prepare samples for microscope examination. Androphep Plus is also a great extender for helping protect sperm cells from "temperature shock."
Q: Can I order AI equipment through PSSS?
A: Yes, Prairie State Semen, Inc offers a complete line of AI equipment and accessories. We are currently featuring a number of products to assist your AI program.
Q: Do you carry Semen Storage Units?
A: Yes. If you take your AI program seriously, this is a MUST have. Prairie State Semen, Inc has access to various units that are sure to meet your specific needs.
Q: When should I order?
A: Our office hours in the "peak season" are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Central Daylight Time). Sometimes in the "off-season" we sneak out around 4:30 pm. If you miss us in the office, please leave a message with our 24 hour answering service. We will return your call ASAP! If placing an order on a collection day, please try to call before noon to ensure collection.
Q: When is the best time to call for more information?
A: Although we love to talk about our program, we recommend not calling on a collection day unless you are placing an order. This gives us more time to answer your questions. If you do call on a Monday or Thursday during peak season, please try and call after 3:30 pm. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and an occasional Saturday morning is definitely the best time to call.
Q: Do you ever have tours through your facility?
A: Yes. We love to have visitors come and view our facility and boars. We can easily handle groups up to 25 people, and we have hosted groups as large as 44. All boars can be viewed through our glassed in viewing area. We encourage all 4-H, FFA, and Judging Teams to give us a call