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10 Dose-10 percent contract (PDF)

20 Dose-20 percent contract (PDF)

Pricing & Custom Collection

Prairie State Semen, Inc. has added a large number of show pig sires to our herd-sire lineup. As a result we could have an overrun of Sire Specific semen that we will sell at a discounted rate. All semen will be eligible for over-run pricing at 1:30 PM Central Time on the day of collection. We will not give an over-run price prior to 1:30 PM, nor will we discuss number of doses currently available prior to 1:30 PM. Over-run semen may not be pre-booked. We cannot guarantee that there will be any overrun semen on any given collection day. Over-run semen is sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. For best results, Prairie State Semen recommends booking your choice boars (with backups) several weeks in advance.

The following over-run pricing is available on all boars under $100 per dose. Those boars $100 per dose and over will be priced at 50% off of advertised price.

# of Doses Price/Dose
2-6 $35.00
7-13 $30.00
14-20 $25.00
21 and over see below

*On orders of 20 doses or more, the initial 20 doses are priced at $25/dose. Doses 21 and above are $15/dose.