Want Healthy Pigs?

PSSS sells all of the vaccines that you need to keep your herd health levels where they need to be for you to compete in the showring. Getting your Showpigs off to a healthy start will make your 4-H project easier and more rewarding. PSSS offers VERY competitive pricing on all of your vaccination needs.


Professional Lube:


Breeding Rods

Buying rods in bulk prior to your breeding season saves you money on rods and shipping charges, and also allows you to use rods that are not bent.

  Spiral Rod Foam Rod
Under 50 rods .50/rod .50/rod
50-249 rods .40/rod .40/rod
250-499 .35/rod .35/rod
500-1000 rod .30/rod .30/rod
Over 1000 rods .25/rod .25/rod

Single Dose Bottle

Five Dose Box


One liter Matrix™ will treat up to 10 head. (Contact us for smaller quantities.)

Matrix™ Dosage Gun

Connects to one liter bottle of Matrix. Administers 7cc Matrix per pump.

• Majestic 50 dose bottle $34.08/bottle
• Farrowsure Gold 50 dose $39.63/bottle
• Farrowsure Gold B 50 dose $68.52/bottle
• Reprocycle PLE 20 dose $15.15/bottle
• Reprocycle PRRS PLE 20 dose $35.98/bottle
• Rhinogen BPE 50 dose sow/100 dose pig $18.30/bottle
• Sow Bac CE II 25 dose bottle $31.67/bottle
• Scourmune 50 dose $28.41/bottle
• LitterGuard 50 dose $41.57/bottle
  Respiratory Vaccines
• Rhinogen BPE 50/100 dose bottle $18.30/bottle
• Flusure XP/Respisure One 50 dose $65.83/bottle
• Inglevac Myco Flex 50 dose $26.04/bottle
• Ery Shield 50 dose $11.34/bottle
• M + PAC (myco) 50 dose $14.83/bottle
• M Rhusigen (ery & myco) 50 dose $38.41/bottle
• Maxivac Excel 5 (flu) 50 dose $38.78/bottle
• Iron Dextran (processing newborns)
• 100 ml $10.25/bottle

CircoVirus Vaccines
• Circumvent PCV M 50 dose bottle $49.11/bottle
(Circo & Myco in one shot)
• Circumvent PCV 250 dose bottle $213.81/bottle
• Inglevac Circo Flex 50 dose $96.14/bottle

  Worming Products
• Safeguard EZ Scoop 10 pound $103.31/bucket
  PRRS Vaccines
• Reprocycle PRRS PLE 20 dose bottle $38.10/bottle

1.7 Cubic Foot Semen Storage Unit
$490 Delivered

Perfect for Semen Storage
• 50 dose storage unit set at 17 C
• Digital readout
• Maintains consistent & uniform temperature
• Forced circulation
• Heats & cools

Call PSSS to get yours today! 800-282-0428